South Africa’s first privately owned nanosatellite is set for release from the ISS into orbit

23 May 2017:

nSight1 is a nanosatellite designed and built in South Africa and is one of 28 nanosatellites from 23 different countries launched on 18 April 2017 from Cape Canaveral in Florida, USA. nSight1 was onboard a Cygnus cargo spacecraft, United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket en route to the International Space Station (ISS).
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International space project puts South Africa on the satellite industry map

11 April 2017:

The South African satellite industry is taking yet another step forward as a player in the international arena with the launch of two South African built nanosatellites from Cape Canaveral in Florida within the next few days.
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South African satellite to take part in international space project

7 November 2016:

A nanosatellite designed and built in South Africa will be launched early next year from the International Space Station as part of a European Commission research project.
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South African space industry well presented at 67th International Astronautical Congress in Mexico

23 September 2016:

South Africa's growing space industry offerings will be prominently on display next week in Guadalajara, Mexico at the 67th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) touted as the world’s largest international gathering for players big and small in the space sector.
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Innovative Space Technology on show at Africa Aerospace and Defence Expo

15 September 2016:

The innovative use of space technology by a Cape Town-based space engineering company is currently on display at the biannual Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) expo held in Pretoria this week.
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African capability gets recognition in small satellite world market

June 2016:

A South African small satellite component manufacturer just improved its standing and export capabilities to world markets in a pact signed with a USA counterpart.
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International Space Station eyes African Continent

May 2016:

A South African satellite company just acquired the rights to distribute high-resolution satellite imagery of the African continent from the first publicly accessible high-definition cameras installed on the International Space Station.
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Africa needs satellites for growth and prosperity

April 2016:

“The satellite remote-sensing industry is set to become an indispensable component of smart governance and economic development in Africa to ensure growth and prosperity for all the peoples of the continent,” says Dr. Sias Mostert, CEO of Space Commercial Services Aerospace Group (SCS AG), Africa’s leading private space company.
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Satellite constellation tailored for African Continent now operational

March 2016:

Africa can now rely on the services of a satellite constellation tailored for the continent to provide reliable data over a wide range of essential human activities and for the protection of the environment.
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NewSpace Systems keeps satellites in perfect orbit

May 2015:

NewSpace Systems has developed a novel, attitude control system for low-cost, small and nanosatellites. The stellar gyroscope is an innovative solution to solve the problem of drift in traditional gyroscope solutions.
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SAC supports Africa2Moon

November 2014:

The Foundation for Space Development plans to land a probe on the moon, or put one into orbit around it, and then project the images to Africa's classrooms.
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SAC introduces the Phoenix-20 HS at the 65th IAC Conference

October 2014:

The product called Phoenix-20 HS is a micro-satellite that uses an advanced remote sensing system based on hyperspectral imaging which breaks up images in different spectral bands and enables it to unveil more details of the earth’s surface. The design and development of the Phoenix was done by Space Advisory Company (SAC) a subsidiary of SCSH.
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