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Africa needs satellites for growth and prosperity

27 April 2016:

“The satellite remote-sensing industry is set to become an indispensable component of smart governance and economic development in Africa to ensure growth and prosperity for all the peoples of the continent,” says Dr. Sias Mostert, CEO of Space Commercial Services Aerospace Group (SCS AG), Africa’s leading private space company.

"Governments agencies and private companies can now have a sufficient volume of reliable, dependable, real-time high-quality data obtained through satellite imagery to support a wide range of services such as crop assessments, forestry management and deforestation, environmental protection, fire warnings, infrastructure monitoring, urban and rural development, population counts, border control and maritime security. Through technology advances from the SKA project, SCS AG can now apply the latest big data technologies to provide advanced business intelligence.

Adequate data is available for these applications on a continental scale through the recently announced SCSGi Africa Satellite Constellation of ten of the best international satellites combined for priority utilisation over Africa. Services are available through integration into enterprise management systems or via an online ordering system which makes it easy for customers to order their data.

“On top of this it is feasible for a country to invest in the long-term innovation economy of a country by investing in a satellite engineering program that will contribute future satellites to the African Satellite Constellation. Through advances in micro-technology it is feasible for a team of engineers from a country to learn how to build a satellite that will contribute key data to applications of continental interest. SCS AG has the satellite engineering heritage to offer complete turnkey satellites and support local national satellite teams to execute such a project.

The use of the SCSGi African virtual satellite constellation makes it possible for processes to be monitored in hours, minutes and seconds, instead of days. See for more information.

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